Everyone has a Great Time!!!

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All shows start about 9:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

Crystal Corner Bar



2nd Tuesdays.


Josh Harty
the Big Tasty




3rd Tuesdays. 9PM


David Hecht
the Who Dat?


Friday, July 20th.

LP Release

Genre:       "jangle-chunk"

Proud Parents



...two       local queers make local queer punk rock...

Gender Confetti


Fire Heads

Event Page


Saturday, July 21st. 8PM

Proceeds will support the musicians and Friends of the State Street Family who's mission is to give help and hope to Madison's homeless.
Friends of the State Street Family

Webb Wilder

The Beatnecks

The Beth Kille Band



Press Event Page

Thursday, August 23rd. 8:30PM
WORT benefit / Orton Park Festival Warm-up!
Donation at the door. Proceeds benefit volunteer-powered radio.

Dissonant Rock Negative Example 

Garage Country Apologists

Rock that's poppin'! BingBong

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Thursday, August 23rd / Sunday, August 26th.





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