Everyone has a Great Time!!!

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All shows start about 9:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

Crystal Corner Bar



3rd Tuesdays. 9PM


David Hecht
the Who Dat?




Thursday-Sunday, August 27-30.

50th Annual!!!

50 for 50 Campaign!!!

Orton Park Festival




Tuesday, September 1st. 8PM


Rock that's poppin'!

Bing Bong





Thursday, September 10th.


A blend of local blues, rock and soul!!!

 Beat Road Blues

In coordination with the Bubble Music Festival.




Saturday, September 12th.


Original, acoustic-electric folk rock from Madison, WI

The Wells Division

Blending country harmonies and slithery slide guitars, Wrenclaw captures the longing and redemption of one-horse towns and whistestop childhood memories.


In coordination with The Bubble Music Festival.

{People with wristband get in free.}




Friday, September 25th.


The funnest, tightest dance rock band alive!

Hometown Sweethearts

Also  10/23.





Saturday, September 26th.


"Blues with a vengeance!"

Jim Liban


The Joel Paterson Trio 





Saturday, October 3rd.


Instrumental Progressive Dance Rock
Psychedelic Fusion
Pollinated Blues
Overserved Gentlemen




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