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All shows start about 9:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

Crystal Corner Bar



2nd Tuesdays. 8PM


Josh Harty
the Big Tasty




3rd Tuesdays. 9PM


David Hecht
the Who Dat?


 Saturday, April 28th.

Vipers/Chunkhead       7'' Release

Old School Rust-belt Rock 'n Roll

The Vipers

December 11, 2016 ''Chunkhead has to go away for awhile; BUT WE'LL BE BACK!!! With some new songs and a split 7" with The Vipers.....so stay tuned Boppers, STAY TUNED!!!''

''...pours copious amounts of whiskey through the Americana pop lens '' - The AV Club

The American Dead


The Pistols at Dawn

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Saturday, May 5th.

Stones Tribute

Loving Cup


... you hellz in the yez know who we are! But as described by tonight's and our headliners friends... is a mysterious life-changing force from Madison's west side that will rock your world.

Chuck Lorenzo

Better Than Expected


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Thursday, May 10th. 8PM
A train wreck in the people's key.

We’ll be here playing some new songs, some old songs, and some newish old songs from 8pm-10pm (roughly) as we get ready to spend the weekend working on some demos for our next album. Come out to listen and say hi. It would be the right thing to do.



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Saturday, May 12th.
$7 {Cover charge not confirmed.}


Spacey guitars and somber vocals create a brooding, beautiful atmosphere.

Dash Hounds



Literate and melodious indie pop from Madison, WI.

Gentle Brontosaurus


cat rock Cats On Leashes



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