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All shows start about 9:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

Crystal Corner Bar



2nd Tuesdays. 8PM


Josh Harty
the Big Tasty



3rd Tuesdays. 9PM


David Hecht
the Who Dat?




Saturday, April 1st.


  Country Rock
  Stringed instruments of all varieties.
Gin Mill Hollow
Bradley (HONEY BUNNY) Corso, Mary (LITTLE BIRD) Hoffmann.....Madison, WI
Leopard Hound

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Saturday, April 8th.


Bobby Hussy + Melly Mel's B-Day Bash!
The Hussy
Indie Garage on tour from Austin, TX
Members of A Giant Dog!!!
Sweet Spirit
Trin Tran + Sons Playing Skate Punk! Solid Freex
Madison's Newest Noise Punkers!

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Saturday, April 15th.


We are a Beatles cover band from Wisconsin. Our specialty is staying true to the original recorded arrangements.

Get Back Wisconsin:

 The Road to Sgt. Pepper

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Saturday, April 22nd.



Alternative Electronic Rock

The Earthlings


alternative, rock, folk, country, jazz, bluegrass, soul, funk, noise, pop, prog, garage, world, improvisational musick

Lunar Ticks


Wurk is a 6 piece funky jam band--keep your ears wide open and your feet ready to move for some epic stops, odd time signatures, and blissful chords.





Saturday, April 29th.



Cathartic Metal
Birth of Tragedy


Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, Swamp Rock
Cold Black River


Cowboy Bebop
The Momotarōs





Saturday, May 6th.


Fringe Character's style takes influence from all the moving parts of funk, dub, hip-hop and electronica, creating a rich and soulful grasp at the fry for five attitude.

Fringe Character

  Black American Music
Foreign Goods







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