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All shows start about 9:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

Crystal Corner Bar


Every 3rd Tuesday:  David Hecht and The Who Dat.

Every 4th Tuesday:  Los Bad Hombres w/ Ruben Marquez.

Saturday, April 1st.
8:00 PM
"One of the best blues bands in the land. Any of these musicians could have played with the great bands of the golden blues era. Together they keep a sound alive that many thought was no more. Joe Nosek feels Little Walter and Slim Harpo in the essence of his soul. Singer Oscar Wilson could be right out of [Chicago’s famed] Checkerboard Lounge in its glory days. The Cash Box Kings are a dancing and listening pleasure.” - Living Blues Magazine  
Cash Box Kings
Oscar's Motel Record Release!!!
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Saturday, April 8th.
9:00 PM
  Jane Hobson is a musician from Madison, Wisconsin. She studied English at Oberlin College and played in her rock band, The Hobgoblins. Writing songs has been a long-time passion for Jane. She's so excited for you to check out her latest stuff!
Jane Hobson 
   Cursed by an ancient sea hag, Bent Antenna must now wander the earth playing aggressive yet catchy pop songs using layers of harmony and cheeky tricks to hold evil at bay.
Bent Antenna 
  The Also-Rans, a new Madison band, combines four musicians with a long track record in the area.-Tone.
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Saturday, April 15th.
9:00 PM
 The new Madison trio Whippets plays no-nonsense grungy rock!
From Madison, WI encompassing aspects of midwest emo, post-rock, and post-hardcore into a unique blend of our own.
Or does it Explode 
Mhos and Ohms are an unconventional low end bass driven duo with slick beats and raspy vocal musings!
Mhos and Ohms 
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Tuesday, April 18th.
8:00 PM

American Roots Music, R&B, Reggae, Latin & Funk from a quartet of the finest musicians in the Mid-West.

David Hecht


The Who Dat?

Saturday, April 22nd.
9:00 PM
  System Exclusive  
  Monica Laplante  

Tuesday, April 25th.
8:00 PM
High energy Latin, Jazz and Funk are their calling card!!!
Ruben Marquez

Saturday, April 29th.
9:00 PM
  Flatfoot 56
Ska from Chicago
  Something To Do  
  The Takeaways  

Saturday, May 6th.
8:00 PM
  Damsel Trash  
  Venus In Furs  

Saturday, May 13th.
9:00 PM
  Drunk Drivers  
  Cold Black River  


  Free pool until 7PM Mondays! 

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